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i9 Studios Woo Tag Limits Plugin

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i9 Studios Woo Tag Limits Plugin

Disable the WooCommerce checkout based on product limits set by the number of products with a specific tag.

Pro version adds the ability to limit more than one tag and multiple tag limits

With the pro version you will ahve the added functionality of:

1) Entries for multiple tags. Such as:
“Free” limit of 3
“Special” Limit of 1

This would allow the user to add 3 “free” items and 1 “Special” item to their cart.


2) Multiple Tag Limits: A limit of the TOTAL number of items with a mix of multiple tags. You can limit the number of products added to the WooCommerce cart based on a cumulative number of both tags. For example, if you had 2 tags “free” and “special”. You could limit the number of products to 5. The user could then add any combination of “free” and “special” up to 5 items.


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